DNA Bloggers can help you learn about DNA testing for genetic genealogy

DNA Bloggers

Once you understand the fundamentals of DNA testing, DNA bloggers can provide useful tips and help you keep up with new developments.

Here are some highly active and respected DNA bloggers with links to blog post examples for each.

Roberta Estes

Roberta Estes is the world’s most prolific writer on DNA testing. Her lengthy blog posts have easy-to-follow details on a wide variety of DNA topics. Some examples:

AutoKinship at GEDmatch by Genetic Affairs

Full or Half Siblings? 

DNA Painter Instructions and Resources

Family Tree DNA’s New Big Y Block Tree

Understanding the X Chromosome

DNA File Upload-Download and Transfer Instructions

A Deep Dive Into the Shared cM Project

Y DNA Resources and Repository

Triangulation Resources In One Place

Haplogroup Matching: What It Does (and Doesn’t) Mean

Diahan Southard

Diahan Southard regularly creates educational blog posts on DNA testing subjects. Some examples:

DNA Ethnicity Results Connect Us, Not Divide Us

Find Living Relatives | Google Your DNA Matches

DNA Testing for Asian Ancestry

Finding Matches Outside the US

How "Timber" Filters Our DNA Matches at Ancestry

Endogamy and DNA Testing

Kitty Cooper

Kitty Cooper posts about a wide range of DNA topics in her blog. Some examples:

Ancestry’s new DNA feature: ThruLines 

A ThruLines Experiment

More on Ashkenazi DNA

New AncestryDNA Match Features Explained

A Really Basic Approach to Using GEDmatch

Interesting New DNA Features at Ancestry

Jim Bartlett

Jim Bartlett focuses on the use of DNA segments in genealogy. Some examples:

Are Overlapping DNA Segments Triangulated?

Triangulating Your Genome

Two Tricks for Finding Common Ancestors

Clustering Programs

Debbie Parker Wayne

Debbie Parker Wayne blogs about advanced DNA topics and includes extensive references. Some examples:

Copying atDNA Data from One Testing Company to Another - Updated (2021) Process

DNA Painter's Shared cM Tool — Ranges, Probabilities, and Histograms

DNA Analysis: Random is Most Important Factor

AncestryDNA Genetic Communities

Judy G. Russell

Judy G. Russell is the recognized expert on legal issues and genealogy. Some of her posts get into DNA testing. Some examples:

Tree Charts for All on DNA Painter

Your New Ethnicity Estimate is Still an ESTIMATE

Finding Family with Mitochondrial DNA: An Example

Don’t poison that tree

Leah Larkin

Leah Larkin, the DNA Geek, mixes science and genealogy in her blog. Some examples:

Working with WATO: Centimorgan Adjustments

DNA as Negative Evidence

Autosomal DNA Database Growth

DNA Basics: DNA Is Not Just for Genealogy

Legacy Tree Genealogists

Legacy Tree Genealogists has a team of professional genealogists. They also have a blog that includes posts by DNA bloggers. Some examples:

DNA to the Rescue! Solving an Irish Genealogy “Brick Wall”

Better Living Through Statistics: What Are The Odds?

13 Secrets to Getting Replies from DNA Cousin Matches

The Biology Behind Genetic Genealogy

Blogs by DNA Testing Companies

The major DNA testing companies also have blogs. Besides being the first place to learn about new features in your accounts, they often include tips and interesting DNA success stories. From any of the following links just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Blog link.

Family Tree DNA



MyHeritage DNA

Living DNA

Great Posts from Less Frequent DNA Bloggers

Many other bloggers who don't post as frequently on DNA topics have shared some very helpful information on genetic genealogy. Check out these examples:

The Shared cM Project Tool on DNA Painter

Clustering Tools for DNA Matches

How DNA Testing Helps Genealogy Research

The Leeds Method

Tips for Emailing DNA Matches

Should We Celebrate Genetic Ethnicity?

Getting the most from your new Big Y-700 results

Native American DNA Is Just Not That Into You

5 Things You Need to Know About DNA Testing for Genealogy

Review of African AncestryDNA Test

AutoSegment Analysis at Genetic Affairs

What sets mitoYDNA apart from other DNA Databases?

A DNApainter success example

Genetic Clusters and DNAgedcom

How to group Surname Project members

An Example of Chromosome Mapping with DNA Painter

X-DNA Inheritance Charts

Reconstructing DNA from one parent with HAPI

DNA Painter Dimensions: a new way to showcase your ancestral line

Understanding Cluster Matrices

DNA Testing Dispels a Genealogical Myth

Exploring AutoClusters

How to Assign Relationships to Ancestry DNA Matches

Celebrating a Former DNA Blogger

CeCe MooreCeCe Moore

I learned so much from CeCe Moore through her blog, presentations, correspondence, and many one-on-one conversations. After doing a video about my success story, she spent years helping adoptees find birth families.

She founded the DNA Detectives Facebook group and served with me on the Advisory Board of DNA Quest.

Now she is the leader in the field of Investigative Genetic Genealogy, using the methods she pioneered for adoptees to identify the perpetrators of unsolved crimes.

This article about CeCe and her work appeared in The New Yorker.

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