DNA Facebook Groups

A Question Mark symbolizing how DNA Facebook Groups can answer your questions about DNA testing

DNA Facebook groups are the epicenter for interactive discussions about DNA testing.

If you have a specific question, posting in the appropriate group will almost always yield an answer.

Furthermore, just following the discussions can advance your knowledge of genetic genealogy methods and tools.

Likewise, these groups are a place where more advanced students of DNA testing can give back to the larger community by sharing tips and answering questions.

This page provides links to some useful DNA Facebook groups organized by category.

General DNA Testing Groups

These are broadly focused groups for discussions on any genetic genealogy topic. The first one is the place to start for those just getting started with DNA testing.

DNA Newbie

International Society of Genetic Genealogy

Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques

The DNA Roundtable

All Genetic Genealogy

DNA For Genealogy

Groups Focusing on Specific Test Types

Some groups have chosen to focus specifically on the testing of autosomal DNA, Y-DNA, or mitochondrial DNA. See my page on DNA Testing Types to learn more about the differences.

Autosomal DNA

Y-DNA - Applied Genealogy & Paternal Origins 

Mitochondrial DNA for Genealogy

Groups on Testing at Specific Companies 

There are five major DNA testing companies for genetic genealogy: Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and Living DNA. Click my links to explore each company's offerings and prices.

For a comparative overview, see my Testing Companies page.

For company-specific DNA Facebook groups see the following.

FTDNA User Group

FTDNA - BiGY Facebook Group

Ancestry.com Users Group

Ancestry DNA Matching

Share your Ancestry DNA Results

23andMe Newbies

MyHeritage Users Group

Living DNA Users

AncestryDNA GEDmatch 23andMe FTDNA MyHeritage Genealogy LivingDNA

Genealogy and DNA--23andMe, Ancestry, FTDNA, and Gedmatch

DNA Facebook Groups for Specific Ethnicities

The major DNA tests are also used for Ethnicity Testing. The following DNA Facebook groups focus on the use of genetic genealogy within a specific ethnic group.

Native American Ancestry Explorer: DNA, Genetics, Genealogy & Anthropology 

The African Descendant's Genetic Genealogy 

Genetic Genealogy Ireland

Anatolia-Balkans-Caucasus DNA / Anadolu-Balkanlar-Kafkasya DNA 

DNA Tools & User Groups

Many exceedingly clever people have created online tools that make it easier to apply DNA test results to genealogy. I cover some of the major one on my DNA Testing Tools page.

If you use any of these tools, there is DNA Facebook group where you can get help.

DNA Tools

GEDmatch.com User Group 

Gedmatch.com Discussion Group 

DNAGedcom User Group 

DNA Painter User Group 

DNA Painter: What Are the Odds? (WATO)

Genetic Affairs - User Group


mitoYDNA User Group

Genealogy Groups with Some DNA Discussions

Since genetic genealogy is such a commonly used tool in genealogy today, some of the genealogy groups on Facebook will occasionally get into discussions about DNA testing. Here are examples.

The Genealogy Squad

Family Trees & Genealogy

WikiTree Members Group

Genealogy Resources Page

Adoptee Search and Support Groups

As an adoptee myself, I have a personal, longtime interest in adoptees searching for birth families. See my Finding Lost Family page for general information on that subject.

As for Facebook groups focused on adoption subjects, I have chosen to include them in my Adoptee Resources page instead of on this page.