Genetic Genealogy Speakers

In addition to myself, several other genetic genealogy speakers offer excellent presentations on DNA testing topics. Based on the many presentations I have watched, here is my personal list of favorite speakers, in alphabetical order by last name:

  • Blaine Bettinger
  • Roberta Estes
  • Maurice Gleeson
  • Richard Hill
  • Tim Jantzen
  • Debbie Kennett
  • Andrew Lee
  • Dana Leeds
  • Judy G. Russell
  • Diahan Southard

Richard Hill: Helping Everyone Understand and Enjoy Genetic Genealogy

Richard Hill, Speaker on Genetic Genealogy TopicsRichard Hill, Speaker

If your organization needs a genealogy speaker with a focus on DNA testing, you can't go wrong with any of us. To contact me specifically about a possible speaking engagement, click Richard Hill for contact information.

My presentations are perfect for beginner and intermediate audiences.

I make DNA testing concepts and tools understandable without getting bogged down in the science behind them.

A single presentation followed by a Question & Answer session will nicely fit a 60-minute timeframe.

I can also do half-day events with two presentations or full-day events with four presentations. 

The New World of Virtual Presentations

Due to the pandemic, countless in-person genealogy events were cancelled. National and local organizations were forced to try virtual presentations and many people loved them.

Now even smaller groups can bring in top presenters from anywhere.

I can offer private presentations for your members in an online format through Zoom or another system of your choice.

This can be a completely virtual meeting where the audience members log in from home.

Or it can be an in-person meeting where the speaker is shown on a large screen, as in the example below.

Photo of Richard Hill speaking remotely to a genealogy group on a large screen

By eliminating the expenses of travel, I can give a single presentation to your group for just a $200 speaking fee. That includes a full Q&A session at the end.

If your local library or genealogy club needs a genealogy speaker, please contact me for for information or to explore possible dates and topics.

NOTE: I still love doing in-person presentations for those events where the sponsoring group can cover the travel expenses from my home in Michigan.

My Current Presentation Choices

As a genealogy speaker focused on DNA testing, I currently offer four different but complimentary presentations:

1. Finding Family with DNA Testing

Hear my groundbreaking DNA story, learn the latest methods for finding previously unknown relatives, and see some recent examples of surprise discoveries.

2. Genetic Genealogy Overview

Get to know all the DNA test types and hear insider’s tips on how to use these tests most effectively.

3. Understanding the Ethnic Ancestry in Your DNA Test

Learn why ethnicity results don’t always match expectations and compare actual ethnicity reports from all the major DNA tests. 

4. Y-Chromosome Insights & Strategies

See how Y-DNA testing of suitable males can break through genealogical brick walls in your paternal lines.

Selected Genealogy Speaker Engagements I Have Done

• RootsTech

• National Genealogical Society Family History Conference

• Federation of Genealogical Societies Virtual Conference

• We Are Cousins Virtual Conference

• Who Do You Think You Are? Live (England)

• Southern California Genealogical Society

• International Conference on Genetic Genealogy

• Michigan Genealogical Council

• Northwest Ohio Genealogy Seminar

• Louisiana Adoption Advisory Board Conference

• Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan

• Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan

• South Bend Area Genealogical Society

• Detroit Society for Genealogical Research

• Franklin County (Ohio) Genealogical & Historical Society

• West Michigan Genealogical Society

• Various DAR chapters

• Numerous city and county genealogical groups and public libraries

Feedback from My Last Live Presentation at RootsTech

Good information well presented!

Very knowledgeable and made technical info understandable. 

Well organized, clearly delivered, excellent slides.

He knew what he was talking about and presented in a fun way.

Clearly one of the top ten percent of RootsTech presenters over the years. 

Excellent research, organization, and presentation. Answers questions lots of people have.

Clear and easily understood.  Visuals (slides) were very helpful.  Best class so far!

He is a great speaker!!! He has a great personality. He kept his presentation flowing. 

Simplified the idea so it was understandable.

Information was relevant and entertaining. 

He knew his subject did a great job of explaining.

Very informative and easy to understand.

Richard has an easy going but amusing style. Not boring.  

Clear content, interesting examples.

Loved it.  Captivating story and well delivered.

Wonderful 10 out of 10.

He presented a difficult topic in a concise easy to understand way.

Speaks well.  Knowledgeable.  Credible.

Answered many of my burning questions. 

He was very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand the subject.

He was clear in his info and presented well. He’s a great speaker and had enough humor to keep everyone’s attention. 

He explained a very difficult subject clearly.

Very clear presentation and I know quite a bit about this topic.

His knowledge is right on, very clear explanation. 

My Page at the Genealogical Speakers Guild

I have been a longtime member of the Genealogical Speakers Guild. For more information about me as a genealogy speaker and more complete contact information, see my page in the Speaker Directory.